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Chapter 1. Adding Patients

Chapter 1. Adding Patients

Once you have successfully logged into the Connect and Coach platform, your first task is to add your patients so that you can begin to schedule and document your patient interactions. To add a patient:

Add patient new screen grab

Create a New Patient - Required Fields
  1. Enter First Name
  2. Enter Last Name
  3. Enter at least one of the following fields: Email, Phone or Patient #
Once you have entered the minimum required fields, the Create a New Patient button will be enabled.
Add patient screen grab 4
Create a New Patient Screen
1. If you would like to send a PSA at this point,  choose the PSA from the Survey (PSA) drop down list (email is required).
2. Click Create a New Patient.

First NameLast Name, Email or Phone or Patient # are the only required fields when you add a new patient; however, if you enter the patient’s e-mail address, you will have the option to email them a pre-assessment questionnaire (see Step 1 above) in advance of your appointment. When a patient completes a pre-assessment questionnaire, a number of Connect and Coach fields are automatically populated in the initial assessment form as well as in the overall with the information the patient provides. Consult the Initiating a Pre-Assessment Questionnaire topic for further instructions.

If you entered an e-mail address for the patient, a Please Confirm screen will open after you click Create a New Patient. To confirm that you want to send a welcome e-mail, click Yes, Send Welcome Email.

If the patient does not have e-mail and cannot complete a pre-assessment questionnaire, you should enter as much information as possible when adding a patient.