Chapter 1. Accessing the Calendar

To create a new class in the Calendar, first click the “Classes” tab to enter the “Calendar View.”  There is also a “List View” that will show all appointments in chronological order.  You can toggle between the 2 views.  *NOTE:  For scheduling purposes, Connect & Coach uses the terminology “Class” to denote any appointment that has at least one visit.  It is synonymous with appointment or consultation.   See Terminology.


Calendar 1

Chapter 2. Scheduling a 1:1 Class

To schedule a new 1:1 class in the Calendar you should point your mouse cursor to the time in the Calendar where you would like to schedule and double click to bring up the “Create from Calendar” dialogue box.

Calendar 2

Create From Calendar dialogue box
  1. Create New Class – This option allows you to start a brand new class
  2. Create New Session – This option allows you to add an additional session to a previously created class
  3. Create New Internal Event – This option allows you to create an internal event in your calendar, like a staff 

Chapter 3. “Create New Class” dialogue box

After clicking “Create New Class” a dialogue box will request required and non-required information related to the Class Information and the associated Session Information (a class always has at least one session).

Class Information tab:

Calendar 3

Class Information tab
  1. Class Name – Choose a name that relates to your programming nomenclature (required field)
  2. Choose a Max. Class Size – This will default to 1 when scheduling a 1:1 class vs. a Group class (required field)
  3. Adding Customers to Roster:
    1. Search for customers to add – Searches for customers assigned to your location
    2. Program-wide search – Searches for customers outside of your location.  You will need to “Request Access” from their Primary RD before adding to your roster
    3. Create a New Customer – A new customer not already in the PHRQL system can be added using this shortcut

Session Information tab:

Calendar 4


Session Information tab
  1. Class Name – Enter a new name if different from Class name or if the same click on Copy Class Name
  2. Choose an Assessment form – This will default to No Assessment unless you choose otherwise
  3. Enter/confirm Date, start and end times (required fields)
  4. Choose a Subsession Name and Time (required fields)
  5. Save Changes