Connect and Coach supports incoming fax capabilities. One of the items that will typically be faxed to a store is a doctor’s referral form. PHRQL will create a doctor’s referral form in the Connect and Coach platform for use at your store.  These forms will contain a site-specific data matrix code that is generated automatically; this data matrix code tells us where the fax should go.

Chapter 1. Generate a Referral Form

To generate a referral form:

Click to Generate Referral Form

Generate a Referral Form
  1. Click the Click to generate referral form box.

A Referral Form opens in a new browser tab.

  • These forms can be printed, stacked,  stapled and given to the doctor for use when referring patients for counseling.
  • Referral forms can also be faxed directly to the doctor, who fills in the data and faxes the form back.


Sample Referral Form

Chapter 2. Checking for Incoming Faxes

To check for incoming faxes:

Click Fax Log

View Fax Log
1. Click Fax Log.

The Fax Log screen opens. From this screen, you can view details for faxes in the InboxOutbox, faxes that have been Sent, and faxes that have Failed.  Incoming faxes are listed in the Inbox tab.

Fax Log Screen with Circle

Chapter 3. Downloading a Fax

In order to view an incoming fax, you’ll first need to download it.

Click Download Fax


Downloading a Fax
  1. Click Download Fax.

The Fax Download screen opens.

Fax Download Window

Downloading a Fax

2. The To Site field defaults to your current store. If you need to download the fax to a different store, select it from the drop-down box or type the first few letters of the store to which you wish to download the fax.
3. Click Download Fax.

An Alert screen opens telling you that the selected fax has been downloaded.

Selected Fax Has Been Downloaded

Downloading a Fax
4. Click OK.

Chapter 4. Viewing a Fax

After you’ve downloaded the incoming fax, you can view it. To view a fax:

View Fax


View Fax
1. Click View Fax.

The fax opens in the View Fax window. Use the scroll bar to the right to view the whole fax.

View Fax Window


Chapter 5. Assigning a Fax to a Store

To assign a fax to a store:

Forward Fax to Store

Assign Fax to Store
  1. Click Forward.

The Forward Fax window opens.

Forward Fax Window

Assign Fax to Store

2. Click the drop-down box next to the Forward to Site field.

3. Enter the first three letters of the name of the site to which you want to assign the fax.

4. Select the store.

5. Click Forward Fax.

An alert window opens telling you that the fax has been forwarded.

Fax Forwarded

Assign Fax to Store

6. Click OK.

Chapter 6. Assigning a Fax to a Patient

To assign a fax to a patient:

Assign Fax to Patient

Assign Fax to Patient
  1. Click Assign to Patient.

The Patient Fax Upload screen opens.

Patient Fax Upload Screen

Assign Fax to Patient

2. Locate the patient in the Search for Patient box by entering the first three letters of the patient’s first or last name.

3. Click Upload Fax.

An alert window opens telling you that the fax has been uploaded.

Fax Uploaded Screen

Assign Fax to Patient

4. Click OK.


Chapter 7. Viewing Forms Assigned to Patients

Once you have assigned a form to a patient, it becomes part of that patient’s electronic record. To view the form:

Select Patient

Select Patient
  1. Click the Patients tab.
  2. Select the patient whose forms you want to view.

View Referral

View Referral Form

3. Click Documents.

4. Locate the form you want to view and click it.

The form opens in a separate browser tab.