Chapter 1. Using a Group Template

The most efficient way to create a recurring group class in the Calendar is to use the group template feature.  This is especially useful if you have a group program that you repeat on a regular basis throughout the year.  Before scheduling a regularly occurring class in the Calendar you need to create your group class template(s) by following these instructions.

Once you have created a group template you can schedule your class.

Calendar 10

Create From Calendar dialogue box
  1. Choose the class you would like to build from the Class Templates drop down list
  2. Click Create Class From Template to schedule the class


Create Class From Template Steps
  1. Type in a Class Name
  2. Enter a max Class Size
  3. Choose when you will close the class in the Closed After Session field.  It defaults to after Week 1.
  4. Choose how often the class will Repeat (options are: Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly)
  5. Enter Start Date and Start Time (these will pre-populate the sessions, see screen shot below)
  6. Scroll, if needed, to see all classes saved in the template

Create Class from Template Updated

Scroll down:

Create Class from Template Updated2