Chapter 1. Split Availability

When planning out your time in the Calendar there is an option to schedule more than one class at one time.  This is referred to as Split Availability in the PHRQL Calendar.  This is a useful feature for scheduling your availability ahead of time particularly when others can schedule your appointments and need to know your availability.  You can only schedule multiple classes of the same length of time but those blocks of time can be edited as needed to match the type of class that is scheduled.  For instance, a 1-hour block of time can be modified to a 30 minute block of time.

To schedule a large block of time, you should point your mouse to the start time in the calendar and then drag to the end time.   This will bring up the Create From Calendar dialogue box and you should choose Create a New Class.


The following steps will complete the process of scheduling multiple classes at once.



Create New Class dialogue box
  1. Class Information  tab:  Enter the Class Name
  2. Session Information tab – Copy Class Name to easily complete this field
  3. Session Information tab – Choose an Assessment if appropriate. This will default to No Assessment unless you choose otherwise
  4. Session Information tab – Choose the Split Availability option (15, 30, 45, 60 or custom minute block options)
  5. Session Information tab – Select Billable and/or Non-billable Subsessions including units and time
  6. Save Changes

Once you have completed the previous steps multiple class slots will appear in your calendar.  These are all available classes where you can schedule customers.  It is possible to modify the type of appointment and time frame if a different class type is scheduled during one of these times.

Calendar 8


To modify or access the details of a class after it has been scheduled, click your mouse once on the scheduled class and that will bring up a pop-up with several options.

Calendar 9


Class Navigation Options
  1. View Session – This will allow you to make changes to the type of class, subsession and length of class
  2. View Class – This will show you the details of the class
  3. View Assmt – If you chose an assessment when creating the class, this link will allow you to directly access the assessment from the calendar

Chapter 2. Duplicate Classes

For ease of scheduling the same appointment multiple times over a period of days, weeks or months you can use the Duplicate feature (Split availability is different in that it can only be used for one day).  This feature will allow you to create many of the same class at once. Please note: you can not mass delete classes once you have used the Duplicate feature so be sure these are classes you will likely not cancel.  If you do need to cancel you will need to do so one by one.

Follow these steps:


The following steps will complete the process of duplicating a class over time:


Duplicate a Class
  1. Choose Custom from the Duplicate drop down list
  2. Click Edit
  3. Choose Recurrence Pattern (Daily, weekly or monthly)
  4. Choose Range of Recurrence
  5. Save 
  6. Complete info in Session Information tab and Save Changes