The Delta report is designed to show the progress of groups of patients, as measured by changes (deltas) in a number of clinical indicators (weight, BP, lipid panel, etc.). For each indicator, the report displays the high, low, and average values for groups of patients before starting education and then those same values after education. It then displays the change in the value. For example, the delta report might show that the average patient weight before education was 228 and the average after was 223, indicating a change of 5 pounds.

The delta report can be restricted to run for just patients seen during a specified date range. This allows you to compare results for different periods. For example, you could run two delta reports- one for January 2012 and one for January 2013 and compare the differences to see if your program is improving year over year.

For a program with multiple sites, the delta report can be run for an individual site, for multiple sites, or with all the data rolled up to the program level. This allows you to compare one site against another site, or to compare one site to the overall program results.

To run the Delta Report:

Run Delta Report
Run Delta Report
  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Click the link for Delta Report.
The Delta Report screen opens.

Delta Report Screen


Run Delta Report
3. Enter the Reporting Period Start date.
4. Enter the Reporting Period End date.

If desired, click the box to Run for all patients regardless of date.

5. Click Run Report.

The Report Ready screen opens.

Report Ready

Click the link to download the report.