Connect and Coach enables dietitians to fax a Doctor’s Report to a patient’s primary care provider. This functionality is covered fully in the Faxing Reports and Fax Log topic.

Connect and Coach Administrators are able to review the Fax Account for all sites or by individual site. To review the Fax Account:

Navigate to Fax Account

Review Fax Account
  1. Click the Program tab.
  2. Click Fax Account.

Fax Account Screen

The Fax Account Summary displays. This screen shows a summary of fax costs for all sites.

Review Fax Account
3. If you want to limit the fax account summary to a specific site, select a site from the Limit Results by Site drop-down list.
4. If you want to view a specific billing month, choose the month you want to view from the Select Billing Month drop-down list.