Connect and Coach enables users to fax a Doctor’s Report to patient providers.

Faxing a Doctor’s Report


Search for patient2


Select Patient
  1. Click the Patients tab.
  2. To locate a patient, you can search by First Name and/or Last Name. The smart search will populate all records with matching information until you narrow down the search to your patient.
  3. Click on View Patient Details to access the patient’s record
The Patient Information screen opens.

Click to Fax Reports

Select Patient

3. Click the Click to fax reports button.

The Send Fax screen opens.

Send Fax Screen Select Recipient

Select Fax Recipient
4. Click the Select Recipient link.

The Select Provider screen opens. From this screen, you can:

  • Search for provider by name if the provider is already in Connect and Coach
  • Add Provider for providers not already in the Connect and Coach system
  • Edit Selected Provider
  • Delete Selected Provider

Select Provider to Fax Report

Select Fax Recipient

5. If necessary, you can quickly locate a provider by typing the first few letters of their name into the Search for Provider box, or you can simply select the provider by clicking the appropriate name on the list.
6. Click Select Provider to select the provider and return to the Send Fax screen.

Cover Page and Send Fax

Send Fax
In the Cover Page section of the Send Fax window,
7. Type a Subject for the cover page.
8. Type a Reference, such as the patient’s name.
9. Type any relevant Remarks you wish to include. Your name and store populate this field automatically.
10. Click Send Fax.

The Alert screen opens.

Alert Fax Has Been Sent

Fax Sent
11. Click OK.