I. Interchangeable Terms

Dietitians use Connect & Coach in a variety of settings.  Each setting may use slightly different terminology.  Various screenshots in the help documentation may use different terms that refer to the same thing so it is important to know the key words used throughout the help site. For example, retail dietitians use the term “customers” whereas private practice dietitians use the term “patients” when referring to their clients.   The most common interchangeable terms are listed below.

  1. Customer = Patient – These terms both refer to the client
  2. Site = Store – These terms both refer to where the dietitian is located

II. Definition of “Class” when using Connect & Coach

Connect & Coach uses the term class to denote any individual appointment or group program that has at least one session.  Class can also refer to a group class which is defined as a class with one or more sessions and more than 1 client.  A “class with 1 session” is synonymous with terms like appointment or consultation for 1:1 classes.    In order to ensure a smooth C&C experience it is important to understand the definition of the term class as it relates to a 1:1 consultation and a group class.

III. The Nutrition Care Process

Throughout the help documentation, Connect & Coach refers to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Care Process (NCP).  Dietitians are trained on how to deliver high quality nutrition care using the NCP.   Connect & Coach makes it easier to electronically document the steps involved in the Nutrition Care Process.  These steps are outlined in the ADIME model and include:

  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Intervention
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation.

Additional information on the Nutrition Care Process and its application in the dietetics profession can be found on the Academy’s website.