To update or review an education session, you first need to select a patient.

Search for patient2

Select Patient
  1. Click on the Patients tab
  2. To locate a patient, you can search by First Name and/or Last Name. The smart search will populate all records with matching information until you narrow down the search to your patient.
  3. Click on View Patient Details to access the patients’ record

The Patient Information screen opens.

Edit Session

Edit Session
  1. There is no step 4. (editing in process)
  2. Click the Education/Assessments tab.
  3. Click the Pencil Icon next to the session you wish to edit.

The Update Session screen opens.

Update Session Screen

From the Update Session screen, you can enter new information or change existing information, such as:

  • Session Name
  • Session Date
  • Session Time
  • Attendance
  • Session ICD-9 Codes
  • In the Billable Portion section, you can remove a subsession by clicking Remove.
  • In the Non-Billable Portion section, you can add or remove subsessions by clicking the Add or Remove buttons.

When you have finished editing the session, clicking Save Changes will return you to the list of sessions.