Connect and Coach Filter Reports allow users to identify a subset of the patient population that match a number of user-defined filters. A user can create a report and then reload it any time to see an updated list of patients that match the specified criteria.

To create a new filter report template:

Create new Filter Report


Create New Filter Report
  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Click Create New Filter Report.
The Filter Reports Screen displays. This screen walks you through the steps to create a filter report template.

Filter Reports

Steps to Configure New Filter Reports
  1. Name the report. Click Update Report Name. When the Report Name box opens, type the name for the report and click Save Changes.
  2. Select filters. Click Select Filters. When the Advanced Patient Filter screen opens, select the filters you wish to apply.
  3. Select Fields to Include. Click Select Fields to select specific fields to display on the report. You also have the option to Show First and Last for applicable data points.
  4. Select Education Dates to Include. You can specify a date range for which to include patients, or include all patients regardless of date range.
  5. Select Sites to Include. Click Select Sites. When the Report Sites screen opens, select some or all of the sites, then click Select Report Sites.
  6. Run Report. You can Preview Report Results, which will open the report results in a new window, or Export Results to Excel.