Connect and Coach allows you to customize email templates that are sent through the system, such as the welcome email and reminder emails.  To configure these settings:


Email Templates
  1. Click the Program tab.
  2. Click Email Templates.


Add and Customize emails
  1. Click on Add New Template
  2. Choose the email you wish to add and customize from the Template Name dropdown list of options.
  3. Edit From Name to be specific to your program
  4. Edit the Subject line to be specific to your program
  5. Edit the body of the email to be specific to your program (Note: see instructions below on how to edit tags)
  6. Save Changes
  7. Repeat for all remaining email templates in the drop down list


Editing Tags
  1. Click on the blue question mark to bring up the list of all available tags.
  2. Copy and paste the FULL tag including all parentheses if you choose to edit (ex. {{customer_first_name}} . Excluding any part of the tag will mean the template won’t work as expected.
  3. Save Changes