Connect and Coach allows you to upload forms specific to your program.  Examples include a nutrition counseling consent and HIPAA privacy policy.  These forms are housed under the Program tab within the Program Forms tab.

program forms1

Program Forms
  1. Click the Program tab.
  2. Click Program Forms.


Add Program Forms
  1. Click on Add New Program Form
  2. Name your form in the Form Title text box
  3. Copy and paste text of form, converted to HTML (see instructions below on converting text to html), into Form HTML field
  4. If you would like patients to be able to opt out of a form check Form has opt out field.  For example, you may want clients to be able to opt out of signing a marketing form permitting you to contact them.
  5. If the form is required check the Form required box.  Leaving this box unchecked will allow clients to advance without signing a required form.
  6. Save Changes
  7. Repeat for all forms you wish to upload.


Converting text to HTML
  1. Click on the blue question mark to bring up html conversion instructions
  2. If your document is in Word or a similar program follow these instructions.  Word to Clean HTML is a user-friendly site, OR
  3. If your document is a pdf follow these instructions

NOTE:  These are just suggested sites to do the HTML conversion.  You can use any tools at your disposal to convert the text to HTML prior to pasting into the Form HTML field.