The Connect and Coach platform enables Dietitians to document and access a wide variety of information about their clients in a single location. Connect and Coach is more than an electronic health record; it’s a relationship builder. Dietitians stay connected to their clients, understand their goals, and provide timely follow up. The comprehensive Connect and Coach platform provides access to general patient information, health and nutrition history, nutrition diagnosis using the standard PES nomenclature, medications, clinical and lab data and patient notes.

As Connect and Coach Users, you have access to a wide variety of features and functions that enable you to schedule and fully document patient interactions in both one-on-one and group educational settings. In the pages that follow, you can review step-by-step instructions for these tasks with visual representations to help guide you through the workflow. If at any time while using Connect and Coach you require additional information or guidance, consult the “Help” link for function-specific assistance.