1. Outgoing Faxes

Connect and Coach enables users to fax a Doctor’s Report to patient providers. Faxing a Doctor’s Report     The Patient Information screen opens. The Send Fax screen opens. The Select Provider screen opens. From this screen, you can: The Alert screen opens.

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2. Incoming Faxes

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Connect and Coach supports incoming fax capabilities. One of the items that will typically be faxed to a store is a doctor’s referral form. PHRQL will create a doctor’s referral form in the Connect and Coach platform for use at your store.  These forms will contain a site-specific data matrix code that is generated […]

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3. Fax Log

Reviewing the Fax Log Connect and Coach enables you to review the Fax Log for information about faxing activities. The Fax Log screen opens. From this screen, you can view details for faxes in the Outbox, faxes that have been Sent, and faxes that have Failed.

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