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Chapter 1. Merging Patients

Chapter 1. Merging Patients

Right now, only an Administrator within a program can merge two patients.

In Connect & Coach, it is possible to create multiple data records for the same patient. This could arise from a number of different situations: a patient gets married, then gets entered into the system with their new last name, or perhaps they move and are entered into the system again with a new street address. These duplicate patient records can become troublesome, since not all data for a particular individual has been collected into one data record, and you are not seeing the complete, historical picture of this patient’s health. If you find that duplicate patient records have been created in the Connect & Coach system, you can merge the data from them into a new, combined record.  We strongly encourage you to create workflows that prevent duplicate entries. However, should you need to merge two records into one, follow these steps.  (Please note: Goals and PES statements currently cannot be merged, so they would need to be manually re-entered once the new record is created.)

merge image

Steps to Merge Patients
  1. Enter at least first initial and last initial of the patient you wish to merge
  2. Click Select on one of the 2 records you wish to merge
  3. Click Compare on the other record you wish to merge


Steps to Merge Patients
  1. Click on Show Customer Merge Options


Steps to Merge Patients
  1. Pink data fields indicate a discrepancy.  Choose the field you want to merge into the new record
  2. Once you have confirmed all check boxes, click Finish Merge
  3. Click Proceed with Merge


You have now successfully merged 2 duplicate records into 1 complete record.  The complete record is considered a new record by PHRQL and is assigned a new PHRQL ID.  You can confirm the merge was successful by searching for the name of the person you just merged.  Enter the first and last initial of their name.  There is now only one record for the sample patient Daniel Smith: