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Dec 11th, 2017
 Provider Portal: 
  • CMS-1500 form may now be printed “blank” for use with pre-printed forms
  • Hy-Vee Biometric Screening assessment lab data fields have been reordered to match the consent form
  • IDNT parameters accessed through the Medical and Food History panels now have an updated, more functional and consistent user interface
Nov 13th, 2017
 Provider Portal: 
  • Made available several additional patient identifying fields for export templates.
  • Changed the font in the snapshot report in order to handle special HTML characters.
Nov 3rd, 2017
 Provider Portal: 
  • For performance reasons, lab data entry for Group classes is now limited to one session at a time, since this will prevent the software from needing to process any change to any data point for any patient in any session in the entire class.
  • In a Biometric Screening assessment, if an answer of either “Yes” or “Do not know” is selected for “Pregnant”, then later changed to “No” in the same assessment, the “pregnancy” condition will be deleted for that patient.
Oct 12th, 2017
 Provider Portal: 
  • Added ability for program administrators to select how CMS-1500 form boxes 32a and 33a are populated
  • Added ability to select hip measurements as a data point in Biometric Exports
  • Added ability to delete lab data maps in Biometric Exports
Sep 21st, 2017
 Provider Portal: 
  • Added ability for program administrators to see staff account locked status and to unlock account
Aug 31st, 2017
 Provider Portal: 
  • Increased number of data points displayed on snapshot weight graph from 10 to 26
  • Fixes for AADE7 Annual Report
  • Fixes for DPP Annual Report
Dec 2nd, 2016
 Provider Portal: 
  • Minor change — Fax log outbox refreshes each time the fax log dialog is opened, in order to update any unknown outbound fax statuses.
  • Major change — UI update and refresh were optimized to speed up clien side response time.
  • Minor change — The class template, category (event type), and cohort dialogs now use a more powerful table searching and sorting UI widget.
  • Minor change — Due to logout issues during merge, the maximum merge execution time to 3 minutes to prevent logouts.
  • Minor Change — Added an optional stop date and notes to the “Add Medication” dialog so that users may record both events in one dialog.
  • Minor Change — Added the ability to sort Notifications by either ascending or descending date order, simply by clicking on the “Date” column header.
 Patient Portal: 
  • Added a “24-hour Food Recall” questionnaire to PSA
Nov 3rd, 2016
 Provider Portal: 
  • Minor Change — Fax retrieval is changed to callbacks to reduce the burden of getting all faxes
  • Minor Change — Showing downloaded faxes will be limited to the first 5 pages to improve performance
  • Bug Fix — Format issue with snapshot Reported
  • Major Change — System level changes done to improve security and performance of the backend infrastructure
  • Minor Change — Multiple changes in the front end library loading and optimization to improve client side UI Performance
Sept 28th, 2016
 Provider Portal: 
  • Minor Enhancement – improved Notifications dialog to allow for viewing more than a limited number of notifications at a time; addressed various issues surrounding notification count and behavior
  • Minor Change – Relocated Diabetes-related data points to “Client History” tab
  • Minor Enhancement – Comparative Standards panel UI layout improved
  • Minor Enhancement – made several other layout adjustments to allow for better behavior with devices having smaller screens (e.g., apple and android tablets)
  • Minor Change – lowered Comparative Standards min calories count from 1200 to 300
  • Minor Change – the names of faxed documents have been adjusted to use commas instead of semicolons to separate the documents that are part of the fax, and the word “Report” has been removed
  • Minor Enhancement – Class Calendar view will support a well formatted monthly print layout
  • Minor Enhancement – the software now enforces uniqueness among cell phone numbers; this is to prepare the system for future SMS messaging capabilities
  • New Feature – Added tab to new Admin Reporting app.
    • MainDashboard — Overall Summary on Total patient count, Newly added, Billable sessions, Billed sessions, Target Revenue, Expected Revenue
    • Staff Statistics — Includes current statistics on revenues, patients seen and sessions created.
    • Email Engagement — Gives stats on emails delivered, opened, bounced etc that are sent by dietitians
    • Site Analytics — Based on google analytics we show analytics on sessions, users, page views, site speed, country and technology, url monitor
Aug 31st, 2016
 Provider Portal: 
  • Minor Enhancement – Generation of pdf in various parts of the system was changed to create static images instead.The pdf viewer is replaced with a UI that looks a little different, but users may still download the PDFs via a link at the top of the page as before.
  • Minor Enhancement – Fax dialog has an additional button to allow for viewing the cover page notes on sent faxes
  • Minor Enhancement – Snapshot report will now include “Objective” and “Achievement Plan” fields (previously, only the “Expected Outcome” field was exported)
Aug 15th, 2016
 Provider Portal: 
  • Bug Fix – Reporting on Assessment status resulted in duplicates in report.
  • Bug Fix – Epoch of Dec 31 1969 resulted as b’day in snapshots for patients with empty b’day
  • Bug Fix – Wrong backend query resulted in locking the choice of assessment for new sessions
  • Minor Enhancement – For reporting purposes, RDs can add session “amount paid”, billed totals etc to sessions
  • Bug Fix – Fixed assessment status not being copied correctly during a patient merge
  • Bug Fix – Search result panel was un-scrollable when exact 5 results were shown
  • Minor Enhancement – Documents that can be faxed out increased to other patient form (biometric assessment)
  • Minor Enhancement – For reporting purposes, admins can add target revenue, expected revenue, and actual revenue
 Custom Appointment Portal: 
  • PHRQL’s Food Pantry Program’s Appointment Portal went live.
    Patient can also do a self sign up for these slots by visiting these sites
July 29th, 2016
 Provider Portal: 
  • Lab entry now supports the following —
    • potassium
    • phosphorus
    • Sodium (units: mg/dL)
    • Chloride ion (units: mEq/L)
    • CO2 (units: mmol/L)
    • Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (units: pg/cell)
    • Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (units: g/dL)
  • Assessment support “skip on tab” keyboard behavior to move quickly across assessments
  • Added some Bug fixes related to calendar view
  • Class creation dialog now allows changing Assessment form
  •  NEW FEATURE — Physician referral forms can be created and edited by RDs 
  • Added IDNT data point to capture “Nutrition Risk” (low, moderate, high)
  • Added ability to edit Patient signup confirmation email template
  • A bug fix around manual ftp transfer that supports load balancer configuration
  • Adding staff now checks for duplicate emails in inactive users in the program as well
Jun 29th, 2016
 Provider Portal: 
  • Added preprandial and postprandial glucose (breakfast,lunch,dinner,snack) lab data measurements
  • Added 3 more fields in General Information Portion of Patient Record for Diabetes
    • Date of Onset
    • Hospitalization Required (Yes/No)
    • Diagnosed during: routine physical / hospital visit
  • As part of DSME Assessment form, added a number of other diabetes-related data fields that may now be entered
  • Added a check a box in the consent forms to mark them as “On file” in the assessments.
  • Goals associated with PES statements are now rendered more accurately in the patient snapshot report
  • All “follow-up” assessments now allow easy entry of waist size and body fat % in the “Weight” section.
  • Added ‘increase variety’ as another option under Goals “Behavior” tab.
  • Calendar — RD specific customization of calendar view for site(s) is saved automatically.
  • Calendar — Duplication of classes now made possible through the class creation dialog
June 16th, 2016
 Provider Portal: 
  • Metabolic Syndrome calculation was fixed
  • Fax — The outgoing fax when sent from the customer record is pre-populated with customer details and details of the provider to whom the fqx is being sent
  • Fax — There is a preview option to see what’s on the fax. NOTE: The cover letter won’t be shown
  • Fax — The Fax number allocated to the program is inserted at the top of the fax
  • Basic and Pro package — Subscribers can upgrade and downgrade their package from within their account
  • Basic and Pro package — Administrators can update their account with a coupon code with special offers provided by PHRQL
May 26th, 2016
 Provider Portal: 
  • The assessment forms now skip consent forms that have been signed
  • ICD-9 as an option have been either removed or put beneath ICD-10; ICD-10 is now the default for any new class sessions
  • Basic and Pro packages now have an out of the box referral forms that are printable
  • Resolved scheduler bug that affected updating classes/sessions added before Feb 2016
  • Generating CMS-1500 now inserts the program NPI in 33(a) regardless of insurance type
  • Appointment Portal — Admins can now customize the name of “event type(s)”
 Custom Appointment Portal: 
  • Appointment portal enhanced to support showing both out of pocket (non-billable) and insurance paid (billable) events
May 19th, 2016
  • Patient Portal login improved
  • Added feature to create SuperBill for a patient encounter (based on a template provided by AND)
  • Professional package customers with fax capability now have a generic referral form with most widely used ICD-10 codes that they can send to doctors for referral reasons
May 11th, 2016
  • Enhanced Create Class from Template dialog to show appropriate errors for required fields
  • Added a failed login error message when system user is locked out for 5 minutes;
  • Fixed an issue where snapshot report erroneously showed deleted sessions
  • PDF download of patient assessment was broken due to security fix and is now fixed
  • Fixed assessment goal error reporting and required field verification
  • Pop Up session note now available on all assessments
  • Added another option in the assessments under Food->Eating Habits: “Consume occasionally” in addition to “Consume regularly” and “Never consume”;
May 4th, 2016
  • Calendar Appointment Errors made clear
  • Improved system security by applying security patches
  • Improved application security by implementing some OWASP recommendations
  • Create class from template dialog was enhanced and improved
April 29th, 2016
  • Patient Portal – Patient signatures on waivers and consent forms are now validated
  • Biometric Assessment — Added new option for “Pregnant” (“Do not know”)
  • Issue with RDs being unable to select a provider to add to a referral has been fixed
  • Create class from template dialog was enhanced and improved
  • Public Scheduler — Configuration parameters are now available for customizing the class registration page.
  • Portal timeout — Inactivity timeout can now be configured to be between 10 and 120 minutes
April 12th, 2016
  • new metabolic risk formula
  • the ability to enter -1 to represent “N/A” for numerical values in the Biometric Screening assessment and associated export files.
March 3rd, 2016
  • We have updated our application to achieve a more modern look and feel that should also function better on monitors of various sizes, as well as tablets. So, if fonts look bigger and tabs look slightly different, this is why. The functionality should not be impacted at all by these changes. If you are having any issues, please submit a ticket through the Support link, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • We have enabled the Calendar for all programs now. You can access it from the Classes tab. Some of you already had access to this feature.
  • You will now be able to choose whether or not you want to send a class notification email to a customer when you create a class.
  • You may notice that the class creation dialogue boxes look slightly different. We have improved them to be more intuitive.
  • You can sync your PHRQL calendar to another calendar program like Outlook or Google Calendar.
  • You can customize your appointment reminder settings within the Calendar under Reminder Settings. The default is ‘no reminder’.
  • Email templates for these notifications can be customized by Admins only within the Program tab under the Email Templates tab. All emails have default text that will work fine if an Admin chooses not to customize.

Our maintenance windows for regular updates has little to no downtime. Any major upgrade or maintenance are scheduled well ahead of time. We ONLY update our customers before hand for these major upgrades.

We deploy minor updates on a regular schedule, in a controlled manner, with ample time for testing. The major updates and additional features are added based on our product roadmap.